Astrology Services

Astrologer Ravi Shankar use every old to new technique to provide assistance with following services at best.

Solve family problems with the help of astrology

Bring Family Members Closer

There are times when you have some issues with your brothers, sisters, parents and even wife and children that result in separation. With the spiritual assistance, you can bring back all your family members together.

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astrology advice for relationship issues

Stop cheating Partner

We trip in wrong shoes and keep on going in wrong direction even after knowing everything. Have a stop at this forever using the astrological services in UK and continue your relationship with loyalty.

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Astrology Remedies for early marriage

Unmarried people

Many times you were about to get married, but some issues arise and everything stopped. Many stars and planets affect our life in such a way that people find no solution. Get married and start a new life with the help of India based psychic astrologer in UK, Ravi Shankar.

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Indian ancent Black Magic removal astrology services

Black Magic Removal

Jealousy comes with bad consequences and your success story gets a great fall suddenly. Black magic can be from anyone and its harmful effects can rip everything apart. Take the help of Indian spiritual healers in UK and get of this permanently.

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Control your partner with the help of vashikaran

Partner in your Control

When you think that your partner might be cheating on you after having some serious instincts, you should be ready before something bad happens. Astrologer Ravi Shankar will help you in all sort of controlling powers.

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Horoscope Reading Astrology


No one can tell you the exact future of what is coming but with the position of stars and planets, astrologer Ravi Shankar comes up with very accurate data about your horoscope and inform you about any bad or good thing

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Solve Dipression problems with spiritual healing

Depression Issues

When something bad happens in our lives, there comes a situation when we go in deep depression. If you have anyone in your known oneswho has faced a similar kind of situation then let them meet astrologer Ravi and end the depression problem forever by taking the spiritual healing.

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Astrology Remedies for getting visa

Study and Job Abroad

Do you have a dream to study abroad or work abroad? Does something come in your way,every time you try? Then ask astrologer Ravi about the right time, and the right place according to your star and planet positions.

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Astrology Remedies for Family Disputes in husbands and wife

Husband & wife problems

Husband and Wife share the most beautiful bond ever. But what will you do if your partner starts looking somewhere else for the same love? Well, in such case, our astrologer help you find the right solution of Husband-Wife problems.

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Indian ancent Shri ganesh Puja

Ganesh Puja

Are you starting a new work or have bought a new home or any new thing is about to commence then Ganesh Puja can make it successful for lifelong. With all the old traditions, get it done by top UK astrologer Ravi.

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Astrology Solution for court cases

Prolonged Court Cases

When you are tired of making unlimited walks to a single court case then you need to try astrological ways of getting it clear. Astrologer Ravi Shankar performs effective solutions to bring cases in your favor, whether long ones or short ones.

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Indian ancent Shri Hanuman Puja

Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman is widely popular for his ability to eliminate all the bad or negative energy. With perfect execution of Hanuman Puja, you can take the bad elements of your house to an end. Get Hanuman Puja done by expert hands of astrologer Ravi Shankar.

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